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    Dear 24 year old me

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    • Dear 24 year old me

      Dear 24 year old me
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    What some of my friends and family have taught me. 

    What some of my friends and family have taught me. 

    When  you get older I do believe that you  mature and maybe in some cases get wiser and make better decisions.

    If you could tell the seventeen year old me that I will be writing this someday I would have laughed and never took you serious but here I am , five years later writing about lessons I’ve learnt from family and friends without them even knowing they were teaching me a lesson or were building me to someone better.

    You should always surround yourself with people that will inspire , teach and most importantly make you happy and support you. Over the past few years I’ve had different types of friends but I feel like now when I’m finally learning on how to love and find myself I know the type of people I want to be around with and with that I get to choose and decide who stays and who goes or who most of the time just fades away from my life.

    • My Mom

    Despite constantly arguing with her and her never ending criticism about everything  in my life , she has managed to teach me so many lessons that when I get the time I’ll do a special post on it but for now I’ll talk about a simple conversation I had with her that taught me something useful. I think a month or two ago I was busy complaining to her about my blog stats from last year’s compared to this year’s. My stats last year were very high compared to this year and while I was telling her that she asked me a simple question that taught me something I will never forget. She asked me ,What did you earn or gain from the blog stats of last year? And what have you gained so far with the stats that you have this year ? And that’s when I learnt that blog stats don’t matter when you haven’t earned or gained anything productive  and fulfilling through them. And truthfully this year I’ve written less content but better compared to last year i have grown as a person through my writing as well as through each post I share with you and I think that’s what should always matter . So there you have it first lesson I learnt from my mother.

    Blog stats don't matter when you haven't earned or gained anything productive and fulfilling through them Click To Tweet
    • Marie and Jodie ( Soafricane & Thebongolese)

    I’ve spent the past year and so hanging out mostly with these two beautiful humans that I admire and love. They’re the type of friends that have supported  me always , despite not seeing them for over five  months they always find ways to check on me and make sure I’m okay since I’ve been going MIA a lot this year due to personal issues. They’ve taught me how to support and be there for your friends , how to keep pushing and never give up on something you’re passionate about and they’ve taught me how to care for the people closest to you by just being themselves.

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    • Shamsa ( Bintiesque)

    We’ve become good friends over a short period of time and we’ve bonded through our love for content creating and our day to day life struggle. I’ve learnt a lot from her over the past few months , her consistency and the way she carries and does alot for her brand , but what she taught me was from a simple conversation we had a month ago ; we are forever discussing and coming up with ideas for both our brands and basically anything in our lives. We were talking some day about the type of people we hang around with and how we should be careful what we say or do around the people we hang out with and she said a simple statement that turned out to be a lesson that stuck with me . She said ” I think if you have to be careful of what you say or do when you’re hanging around someone you should first change the people you hang out with and not what you say or do” I’m not sure she remembers saying that but i learnt from it and I hope you guys also learn to be or hang with people you’re comfortable saying or doing anything with.

    if you have to be careful of what you say or do when you're hanging around someone you should first change the people you hang out with and not what you say or do Click To Tweet
    • Nafisa

    She’s one of my oldest close friends and while we have been friends we never get to hang around a lot since she is always out of the country and when we both are here we are always busy or caught up to meet but that has never stopped us from being close. Two months ago I was on the phone with her when I noticed something that my mom has been urging me to do . She listens more than she talks and she also takes her time to say something . She literally waited for me to finish a whole story without interrupting while I can’t even listen for two minutes without saying something and from that day each time someone is talking to me I try to listen before I talk or say something back which is a good thing and most importantly shows how educated and well mannered you are. So thank you Nafisa for teaching me a lesson that I’m not that well mannered ha!

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    • Doreen ( Daisy)

    We’ve lost touch over the years but we’ve managed to stay connected through social media and while I’ve told her how much I admire and I’ve learnt a lot from the way she is confident and isn’t afraid to say or do anything or care what people say I also learnt something  valuable from her a few weeks back when we were having a meeting ,she talked about valuing yourself and your brand and how you should  over value yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for what you deserve when you’re doing business because you should always look out for yourself and your business how to never be shy when doing business. Act tough and demand what you deserve and they’ll respect you for it .

    Act tough and demand what you deserve and they'll respect you for it . Click To Tweet

    So there you have it, few lessons I have learnt from some of  my friends and family.

    SideNote : if you’re my friend and you don’t see your name there it’s not that you haven’t taught me a lesson you have, these are just some I could think of right way and I am thankful to each one of you for being my friend.

    Thank You for stopping by.


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