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    Dear 24 year old me

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    • Dear 24 year old me

      Dear 24 year old me
    • Self Care Sunday: The Rub Spa

      Self Care Sunday: The Rub Spa
    • Lehautestyle Turns 4!

      Lehautestyle Turns 4!
    • Happy New Year

      Happy New Year
    • Adulting in jeans and a boyfriend blazer.

      Adulting in jeans and a boyfriend blazer.





    Happy new month lovers, i can not believe we’re already on the sixth month of this year, time flies so fast like my money when i see food and clothes or a nice WordPress theme.( I AM ADDICITED TO THEMES) . So what do you guys have planned for June? I am excited about june for many reasons some of them being i will be launching a new project plus two giveaways so yeiiy ( twerks shamelessly in my head)




    For the past few days i have been particularly busy with family and other personal issues and this happens a lot when i am back home i have not even had time to reply to emails and direct messages let alone post. But i have decided to wake up early almost each day at around 4AM and do a post or two and reply to everything because it is actually quite impossible to do much when everyone is up and it is full on mayhem
    I also had a writer’s block which for me means i have to visit other websites and anything on the internet and be inspired by it but since i was offline most of the time that made it impossible. I rarely get writer’s block i just automatically try hard and come up with something because well, i have to it is my job . do you guys get writer’s block often? if so what or how do you get rid of it or help you have the juices flowing?


          TIE NO SCARF

    My outfit is what you call a pulled together in  a minute look. I was not planning on wearing the skirt with that tie or silk/satin shirt ( it is in-fact a pyjama shirt , as i talked on my previous post -> Here on my current obsession with the trend of wearing your night gown or Pjs out of the house or bed in general ) .But when i put it together in a matter of minute i knew it was the right fit plus have this thing i do where i wear look that is not well put together espevcvillay an outfit or piece people thin should be worn at a certain way. 

    That beautiful tie and four others i got while thrifting are so vintage and retro looking that were supposed to be sold on  my online store but well i think they will have a better home in my closet. HAA! I have so many looks for the ties and especially now when everyone is wearing *chokers it is indeed good to switch up sometimes. Take your man’s favourite tie when he has not **replied to a message in time to show him that you are the boss and well also wearing something from the other sex’s closet is always oh so much fun and sexy.

    Oh My full Look is thrifted and literally cost me 100 bob (2000 tshs ) approximately around 1$ ( minus) the shoes of course. I love thrifting guys, i know i say this a lot but  it is the greatest feeling getting an item you like at a very low price.





    I have two great posts coming up in an hour or two,be on the look out because one of them is important for both bloggers and brands.

    * I have no problem with chokers i love them and i think they are such a great accessory when worn well.

    ** I am one person who takes forever to reply to messages i could take an hour, a minute , a day or two days so i truly understand and think it is actually a turn on when a guy is not on his phone all the time replying and chatting instead of being productive ( Unless he is online then we are killing him * inserts a devil emoji and laughs evil-ish )




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