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    • Dear 24 year old me

      Dear 24 year old me
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    Thrifting 101

    Thrifting 101


    Now before i start talking about this i would like to say i am very very oh so very sorry for the late post on this i am such a procrastinator , then two weeks back i decided i will do a video on it because videos are better right? but well i was doomed my friend's camera broke while she was fixing the tripod and i was there all ready to answer all your emails, dms etc on thrifting. All in all, i decided to just do a post on it because i am sure many people are getting tired of me saying ' it is coming soon" , i myself i am tired of me and all my procrastinating ways.
     To answer this let me start by saying that in my wardrobe 70 percent no scratch that (hehe see what i did there?) 90 percent of my wardrobe are thrifted clothes, and some of you might not know this but thrifted is (Mtumba). I love thrifting just the act of being at a market (despite most of them looking like hell). I love finding cheap yet in very good quality unique clothing and through thrifting i get to achieve that. My thrifting chronicles goes all the way back to my mother but you're here to know about thrifting not my love of it.


    1. Where do i Thrift?

    As some of you know i am from Tanzania but I currently live in Nairobi , Kenya and i do thrift both in dar es salaam and Nairobi . i will start with Nairobi;


    • Gikomba - the biggest market and also where you can find anything and everything and things there are very affordable compared to almost all markets i have been to.
    • Kware -  this is a small market that is near by where i live (RONGAI) it does not have that much variety of clothes but i get tops, dresses there at a great price too.
    • Kawangware - My nigerian friend Vanessa of Fineigbogirl.com took me there the first time and i can not say it is as big as gikomba but it is big enough to shop and get a lot.
    • TOY MARKET -Yes it is in caps lock because this place is so expensive for a person like me who thrifts every where but they have a section where you can get really nice shoes like these ones for as low as 300 kes (7000 tshs)


    • Ilala - I rarely shop in dar but i have been to this market with my mom or twice and they have amazing goods too.
    • Karume -  First time i went to this market was with my friend and they have a huge variety of clothes and shoes and clothes go as low as 500 tshs.

    N:B Now i know they're more markets in dar and if any of you guys can recommend more please leave a comment below.img_5803-1



    2. What are the Price Range of clothes and shoes?

    As i said, it all depends with the market and the day that you go but mostly they range from 5 bob (100 tshs) yes i got shorts once for that price. So the prices range for me goes from  5 Kes - 3000 Kes. But for me the most expensive i can buy is 1000 Kes and that is on something like a shoe or a bag, but i recommend gikomba and you can go with 1000 Kes and leave with a new wardrobe. 

      3. When to go to the market.

    Most markets are always bringing in new stock on Tuesdays and Fridays and while it is good to go on the day new stock is open i prefer going a day after because then the prices are a bit low compared to the first day. Also, i have made a habit of going very late on Saturday's but i advise you go early from 7AM or 10 AM the early the better plus you do not want to be caught up at a market like Gikomba at 3pm with the sun shining so bright.

      4. Do i Bargain? is it easy or hard ?

    Yes i do , i have to especially when you are trying to buy shoes at toy market but most of the time all these market places the prices are fixed unless you are thrifting from stores or a guy passing buy selling beautiful leather skirts/shorts/pants on the road ( Above picture ).Half the time i try as hard as i can to meet him/her half way but i am always oh so bad at it. But bargaining is an important factor whilst thrifting.

     5. Any Online Thrift stores.

    While i do not thrift online and this questions was asked by someone in the UK i still wanted to show you  guys online stores you can thrift also i opened an online IG thrift store for anyone in Tanzania and Kenya follow the account here -> " Hautegemmes"

    1. Nifty Thrifty
    2. Thredup
    3. Attic Clothes

    6.Do you know exactly what you are looking for or let your taste surprise you?

    When i am not doing shopping for my online store i let my taste surprise me,but i am always on the look out for something e.g at the moment i am looking for metallic pleated midi skirt and while i am looking for that i spontaneously shop for about anything, but i think it is important that people should have a few things they want to get so they should not be distracted by everything else ,at the same time you can go thrifting hoping you will get something and be disappointed since you can never be sure what they have that day.

    7. How do i know something is the perfect size? 

    While some or most clothes have sizes on them, some second hand clothes do not or they have sizes from china etc. Mostly jeans like mom jeans sometimes you just have to guess and do the neck-waist theory to know your size. It is pretty hard especially when i am shopping for the store and say i get pants that are a size 2 but looks like a 10. You just have to work with what you have and hope they will fit you when you get home and also if you have your phone you can google the size in UK or US. (Though It is not advised to use your phone in markets guys be very careful with your belongings )

    Things to NOTE.

    Go early

    Go with a Friend

    Be careful with your belongings

    Wear something very casual

    Eat or drink something before, if you plan on being there for a while

    Have Fun

    I hope this helped in one way or the other and i hope i answered all your questions on this matter.

    Love and Humanity,




    1. May 2, 2016 / 10:14 am

      This is such useful information.As a child my sister would help me with thrifting whenever I had to get new clothes but now I have to do it all by my self.I am so lazy at it,I agree with going with a friend,that’s the only way I get motivated to keep loking.I need to put these tips to use because just like you 80% of my clothes are thrifted and laziness is holding me back from looking good.Thank you for this!

      • lehautestyle
        May 10, 2016 / 3:00 pm

        i am glad i could be of help on this and i can not wait to go with you when i get home. Thank you for reading and sharing this post Shamsa it meant a lot. xx

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