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    Dear 24 year old me

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    • Dear 24 year old me

      Dear 24 year old me
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      Adulting in jeans and a boyfriend blazer.

    The perfect holiday at Garden City Mall.

    The perfect holiday at Garden City Mall.

    The first time I heard about Garden City was from a friend, I asked her so what sort of stores are there ? and her reply was “It has everything” I mean I was skeptical and truly thought she was exaggerating then a few weeks later I was with a few friends who mentioned they went shopping there and I asked them the same thing and their reply was just the same ” It has everything”. I had to go see it for myself. Garden City is located at Thika Rd. Get the exact location Here

    YES guys, It has EVERYTHING and anything you need especially this holiday season whether you’re look for something to wear for an event or buying your loved ones holiday presents to it being the perfect spot to hang out with family and friends this holiday season. A variety of fashion and beauty stores, Huge variety of food outlets and entertainment (movies,play park and music ) If you are lucky like me , you might even get a free surprise Sauti Sol pop up) oh and another reason to visit the place ? You can win two tickets to Cape Town.

    First thing I do when I visit a mall is make sure they have amazing fashion shops so that I can have a variety of  selection and it’s safe to say Garden City has mastered the art of having you spend your money on beautiful pieces be it causal , formal, to Evening gowns to shops that have the best shoes i have ever seen in Nairobi oh and let’s not forget the Variety of Men’s Fashion stores too.

    Here’s the best part some of the fashion and beauty stores are actually pocket friendly and as a stylist I think having a place where I can get to shop at different stores based on my client’s budget is key. So yes one reason I think you should visit garden city this holiday is  that you can shop for whatever fashion and beauty piece you need be it  for something to wear for new years eve to a family gathering , friends outing and I guarantee the only hard time you will have is picking what store to buy from : P:S some of the stores have sales all the way to 50% on select items just incase you are still indecisive if you should go or not.

    I love food but when it comes to actually picking where to eat is when i have a hard time since I am very indecisive (my friends would testify on this) but when i have everything laid out for me it gets easier. At Garden City they have almost EVERY cuisine  that carters to what you like and need, you like Chinese? they got you! Japanese?Italian?Lebanese?African? and if you love junk food , they have that too, Sixteen restaurants to be exact.

        I saw a lot of families having lunch and dinner there with beautiful band music playing to make it more enjoyable.I even decided to join the band (*@weaversband) in hopes maybe my voice would finally work as it does in the shower ( it did not and I was way too shy to try but the band played beautifully). Second reason why i think you should visit garden city is that it’s the perfect place when you want to do family and friends holiday lunch,brunch and dinner. ALSO if you want an easy evening outing a few drinks here and there.It’s the perfect place to be.

    Shots outside : @mocaloca

    I have been to almost all movie cinema in Nairobi BUT  this one had my heart in so many ways , the lounging place is beautiful and big and oh and the lighting? PERFECT for letting people on social media know where you were with beautiful selfies (we all do that) I mean look at these beautiful pictures making me look like I am a million bucks.

    Another thing I noticed was the fact that they have a huge variety of movies to watch and even have a beautiful children lounge with games. How cool is that? I do not know what most of you guys do for the holidays but going for a movie with friends and sometimes  family members who are too busy through out the whole year seems like an amazing way to spend the holidays.

    I have never been to a playground even when i was a kid i never got the time or had one around to actually get around to play around with other kids. So when I saw the play-park  I felt hurt that I missed this growing up. What does your kid,niece,nephew, cousin like? Garden city will make the kids feel like its christmas (which it actually is,HA!) Seriously these guys  have a water park with all the games your kid or baby cousin would enjoy and will definitely remember.Oh and I also got to see a lot of adults having a great time too since it’s such a huge park where you can get to enjoy too  and watch the kids having their own fun.

    One other thing the kids will enjoy is the mascot, I have never actually met a mascot or dared to take a picture with one until yesterday I saw adults and so many beautiful kids taking pictures and hanging with him it was an amazing experience and I low-key felt like a kid again.

        Last but not least another reason why i think you should totally visit garden city this holiday is the fact that you can win tickets for two to cape town, who wouldn’t want that? All you have to do is shop for anything at the mall from 3000 Kenyan shillings and above on one receipt and you participate at the Garden City Slot Machine which are located all around the mall and you stand a chance to win instant prizes some up to  10,000 Kenyan Shillings voucher to shop at stores, after that if you are lucky enough you get to enter on the draw to win tickets for two to Cape Town.It really is the city of dreams because God knows how much I have been dreaming about going to Cape Town.

          I asked the lady ( Lucy) who was explaining to me about the game what are the chances of winning and she said all you need is Luck, that’s it. And you never know it may be your lucky day so go on and try your luck.

    So as my friends described this place to me and how it has everything you need and might want I hate (but love) to say it to you too it surely does have EVERYTHING. Go have the best time this holiday ay Garden City Mall and i guarantee that the only thing you will hate is not going there sooner ( I for one do wish I visited it sooner)

                   Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your  loved ones.

    P:S The security is spectacular and very efficient.

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