The Black Dress

The Black Dress

So… it’s the last day of 2017 and I can’t help but feel a bit overwhelmed, I am writing a very short post today since in the coming few days I will have more than 4 posts that will be loaded with so much content about my 2017 and my blog anniversary ( It’s tomorrow by the way) I have been blogging for four years now.. Wow time flies and I can not wait to share that post as well.

So for today I am going to share with you guys this beautiful body hugging dress from Emmanuel’s Elegant Wear, I love it so much especially how it hugs my body. It’s a dress you could wear for a date night or in office with a pair of nice office shoes. I love the details you should definitely  get yours at any of their stores ( Sale is still on lovers so go get yourself something beautiful)

My shoes and bag are also from Emmanuel’s Elegant Wear and guys they have a great selection of shoes from high heels to flats, oh and very beautiful office shoes as well, you should definitely go check them out and let them know JT sent you.

Photography by Thebongolese

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