The irony 

The irony 

The irony that I’m taking pictures in the gym while I don’t remember the last time I was actually in one to work out. The irony that I’m wearing pink and it’s not nearby my favorite color but since my best friend got me the skirt and cami top ( hey chu) . The irony that my face is fully caked and looking very much fleeky ( hehe yes that’s a word ) while the only thing I know how to do is my lipstick (SOMETIMES).

Photography by @mtickason 

It’s a beautiful day and I surely hope that each one of you has a successful week.


Skirt and Top: Gift

Shoes : ( unfortunately they’re currently not on sale from where I got them but these are replicas the originals are by Jimmy Choo so if you can afford the price tag  😉

Love & Love,



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