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    Dear 24 year old me

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    • Dear 24 year old me

      Dear 24 year old me
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    The Art Of Rejection.

    The Art Of Rejection.

    I used to be one of those people who hated and despised confrontation or anything to do with me just approaching someone with this great idea I had . Some how I would keep my thoughts to myself and didn’t speak up afraid of rejection, embarrassment or confrontation.

    The first time I knew I had that “condition” was back in Malaysia studying my foundation year. So we were having a debate in class and I think it was economics and mind you I’m really not good with talking in front of an audience then and now still. So we were having a debate on how to better the economy of Canada and ways to improve unemployment (I went to a Canadian based school there) so I had the answers in my head I had so many ideas and for some reason I couldn’t speak up and say what I had in mind. Long story short,our team lost the debate and the teacher I remember him all too well because he’s still one of my favorite teachers to date , started pointing out points we could have said to win the debate and all this time I had the right answers.


    So yes that was the first time I truly knew I needed to start speaking out more and say my ideas out aloud. Fast forward to the beginning of last year I promised myself I’ll be able to say anything that I’m thinking or really want to say without being scared what someone will think of me or the outcome and I can honestly say I’ve grown so much through that and I encourage you my readers who are maybe like me who never used to speak their minds out afraid of what the conversation will lead to, to just do it!

    Sometimes we have to do things that make us uncomfortable in order to grow. Click To Tweet So this year I’ve decided to not be afraid of  rejection in the sense that I won’t be afraid of any rejection thrown my way I will go ahead and ask for what I want whether it’s a blogging job or a free meal (joking.. not really , my birthday is on the 4th of February so I’m asking for presents , I might be joking but we’ll never know unless I don’t receive the said presents )

    Rejection will leave you strong and motivate you to work hard. Click To Tweet

    What inspired me was a tweet from one of my favorite Ugandan tweeps (@kemi_stry) who was encouraging us to ask for anything even though you may get a rejection out of it,it won’t hurt to just go ahead and do it and most of the time the answer may yes be a rejection but also it may be a big YES and you may end up getting what you wanted BUT that will not happen if you do not go ahead and send out those emails, messages ,set up meetings asking and demanding for what you want oh even text that crush who might even be the future Mr , life is funny that way.Rejection will leave you strong and motivate you to work more and at the end of the day rejection is just part of life we all have to face it some time BUT do not let it be a norm.

    Rejection is just part of life we all have to face it some time. Click To Tweet


    I will leave you with that today, have yourself a successful day and remember to not be afraid. Send your ideas out there some how someone is waiting to hear it and accept it even if it means you will have one to four emails saying No, there’s a YES somewhere.


    Shoes : Gift from a Friend

    Coat : Thrifted back in Nairobi

    Bodysuit : Thrifted

    Shorts : Cut them off from my old faded black jeans.

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