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    • Dear 24 year old me

      Dear 24 year old me
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    • Adulting in jeans and a boyfriend blazer.

      Adulting in jeans and a boyfriend blazer.

    Wardrobe Staples || TOPSĀ 

    As promised here’s a post on what I think should be on every lady’s wardrobe I don’t mean everything but if you have even half of these basic pieces you can recreate so many looks with them. So today I’ll start with the tops and I’ll try post as daily as I could until I’m done with all the wardrobe staples . 

         THIS is a must have in your closet , you can dress it down or up depending on the ocassion. Let’s say it’s casual Friday at work , you pair it with a pair of jeans and a blazer you’re good to go with your flats or dress it up a little when you’re going for drinks after work you pair the white tee with black or white or even the normal blue jeans with a leather coat and black killer heels and some accessories and  you have another master piece from just a basic white tshirt. 


          Another wardrobe staple is a graphic t shirt it can be in any color just aslong as it has something to bring the attention to the details of your full outfits . It can also be paired with almost everything as I mentioned with the white tee . With a skirt, pants , jeans. It gives the outfit something to look less basic and boring because the graphics details itself is not boring. 


             Every lady should have a satin blouse in her closet it can be a loose or a button up. First it’s sexy, flirty yet classy and can be pulled off when you have a meeting or you are going to work . With jeans for a casual yet classy day or evening out, and when paired with a pencil skirt or pants you have yourself an amazing work or official outfit. 


       There’s nothing like a button up white shirt whether it’s a boyfriend shirt or just a fitting white shirt . And I don’t mean literally your boyfriend’s white shirt though that can work too to you all with husbands , boyfriends and men in general. So one of my favorite ways to style this is with a pair of blue jeans and some killer heels . It may look just like a basic look but when pulled off right? It looks simple yet chic and a look that says hey I’m fashionable and I just pulled of an easy yet chic look without trying too hard.  


     Now THIS is a piece you shouldn’t miss in your wardrobe . I’m serious there are 100 ways you can style a denim shirt well not exactly a 100 but you get the gist ( hehe I’ve always wanted to say that ) anyways so I was saying , you can style a denim shirt with so many pieces from your closet and they would always look like a new look and I think I have a post on styling denim but that was denim on denim. I’ll look for the link on that and I will share it in the end. 

    6. CAMI TOP

        I will admit that it took me awhile to get myself cami tops and now every time I go thrifting I find them every time. I have them in 3 colors , white , black and dark blue . I love cami tops and I feel like it should be a wardrobe staple because you can wear it to work , casual day out and you can definitely dress it up In so many ways , one of the ways to dress it up is with a pair of shorts ( denim or any type ) , a cami top and a boyfriend blazer and as always killer heels , the only skin you will be showing is your legs and some people would pull off this look with a crop top but i just find that too  much skin for one night hence the cami top. And I get it some people wouldn’t want to wear shorts because maybe they hate shorts, you could also pull the look with a leather mini skirt or just high waist jeans with your cami top and blazer or any outerwear. So ladies I think you should get yourself one or two cami tops or since I’ve been seeing a lot of them alot lately as I thrift I would be more than happy to start taking orders … Anyone ? Lol 


         I admit I had a few doubts with this piece . Should I keep it ? Should I not ? But I decided to keep it since I know some of my readers go to work daily or even to school for presentations and I remember peplum tops came out a few years back and almost everyone was wearing them and I’m glad it’s better now and you don’t see them around every where you go. but I think it’s a wardrobe staples especially when you go to work and you wear it with a pencil skirt it gives you a clean yet classy office fit. Another plus with peplum tops with people who are insecure about not having a flat tummy this top helps you wear it and doesn’t show or shape your not so flat belly very much. 


           I’m not even sure I have one but I’ve been looking for one in black and nude . They’re better when you’re wearing a pencil skirt and like myself I hate when my look has this look when you tuck in a shirt but oh well what can you do .. With a bodysuit it helps you not have than untidy tucked in look . That’s just one way you can wear a bodysuit there are also so many other ways and if you would like me to show you other ways do leave your comment below. 
    Okay wow, that’s a long read but I hope it was helpful to anyone who was thinking what tops they should have as their wardrobe staples. Some people would say that a crop top is a wardrobe staples maybe it is but I wanted to have that on its own post because there are so many types of crop tops and I will try make one for just that. Please do leave your comments below if you would like me to show you guys different ways to style any of the tops mentioned above. 

    As promised here’s a link on styling denim on denim Here you go . 

    Have an amazing Friday and be on the look out for this week’s hijabi fashion post. 



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