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    Dear 24 year old me

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    • Dear 24 year old me

      Dear 24 year old me
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      Self Care Sunday: The Rub Spa
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    • Adulting in jeans and a boyfriend blazer.

      Adulting in jeans and a boyfriend blazer.

    I'm not afraid of heights, have you seen my shoes?

         I’m TERRIFIED of heights but when it comes to shoes ? That’s  a different story . I think it’s the other way around I’m afraid and I hate heels with 3 inches and below unless they’re really cute. I found this caption on one of my favorite blogger’s instagram  page the other day and it’s from Carrie Bradshaw. I mean who didn’t love how Carrie wore on sex and the city? Oh so yeah I think it was perfect for this post plus do you know how hard it is to come up with different blog titles everyday ? Man, bloggers and writers are such creative beings.

          A little story on how I got myself this original Giuseppe Zanotti beauties, as you know I’m a thrift whore and I love cheap but timeless pieces that you won’t go out and find the whole society wearing them. So you won’t catch me dead buying expensive shoes or clothes unless I’m financially stable and that buying the 400$ pair of shoes won’t cost me more than a day’s work. I mean cumon there are so many important things i can be doing with the money right now you know I just don’t think it’s necessary for me but to people that can afford them kudos to you darlings hopefully I’ll have that luxury some day. But don’t be fooled I’ll be accepting presents whether it’s a cheap clip on or those nude and black pigalle red bottoms that I have been eyeing forever I accept them both. 


    So back to the story , so the day after I got back from Tanzania, I was on my way to school to register and I always have to walk like 5-10 minutes to get a bus or taxi to school. So before I got to the station I saw the shoes from this lady who sells thrifted heels and I fell inlove with them then I checked the designer well I know this design of his i checked to make sure if it’s original and then she told me the price but I had to go withdraw money first so I told her I’ll come pick it up later and begged her not to sell it to anyone else. On my way back from school it started raining like crazy and I found her closed. Man I started praying to find it tomorrow after all I already sent a picture to my best friend and was vexing my first designer pair. She would laugh at me and i wasn’t ready. The next day I passed by in the morning and it wasn’t open I was crashed and gave up then after school in the evening I found her open I gave her the money so fast and I was happy to find it still there well I slightly threatened I’ll kill her if I didn’t  find the shoe when I came back for it… Slightly I said!!! So that’s the story of my first pair of designer heels that look new and feel new and they’re strangely quite comfortable to walk in. 


    Oh and how sassy is the cartoon on my top ? That’s how I feel when wearing this shoe. I also designed the sleeveless coat back in April when I was obsessed with sleeveless coats.

    Jeans||shoes||top – THRIFTED

    Photography by Martin Miano

    Have a blessed Sunday loved ones and I hope you have an easy Sunday to start off the coming week with a clear head and eased body.


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