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    • Dear 24 year old me

      Dear 24 year old me
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      Adulting in jeans and a boyfriend blazer.

    Trending HAUTE flat shoes.

    Trending HAUTE flat shoes. When it comes to flat shoes i must admit i only own about two to three worth going anywhere with shoes. It has become so obvious that i need new pair of flats since i started my new job that i doubt myself every day when i leave the house for repeating the same worn out animal print shoes every day at work i am pretty sure my co workers are low key judging me.


    So i have been on Pinterest lately and i kept coming across amazing flat mules that i myself I’m not sure how or where i started this craving of such shoes ,if it was two years ago i would swear this is not me making a blog post about flats , especially MULES. But i need them, i need them like i need Chinese fried rice and Chicken Alfredo Pasta(If anyone knows where i can get the foods mentioned in nairobi please hit me up).
    Am i the only one who can never wear open flat shoes? i literally walk like a mad man,my mom calls my feet really weird swahili names like “Zoleo” when we are walking and dust is all on my feet like i am from walking around the dubai desert. Point being, i can never wear open toe flats so the only other option is closed toe flats so i complied below my favourite pairs and links that will take you directly to where you can shop the beaus online.



    My absolute fave type of flat shoes, though i always seem to have a hard time finding a pair my size because i have really  WIDE  feet. I saw some pairs on ASOS that are on sale and you and i both know sale is the most important factor when you are shopping. Have a look below and shop away lovers.

    • MULES

    You know i am yet to get myself MULES HEELS (is that even the right way to say it?) , i have been going thrifting for the past two months in hopes i can get any my size but unfortunately i have had no luck on that department. My goal right now is to find flat mules at least then i will be half happy that i have mules in my shoe collection. Below you can get them online depending on your style.


    I am NOT a  girly girl  when it comes to shoes i have more sneakers than simple flat heels and i am always at loss when have to pair a casual outfit with simple flats because i do not have any pair of such shoes but now i know i need them as i said above i need them like i need chicken alfredo pasta. So, as i was going through flats to show you i remembered the ballet cute girly flat type for all my lovely girly ladies,you all need to teach me how to walk on open sandals too without creating world war 10 down there.

    Okay that is it for today on the department of shoes. I have two new posts for you so be on the look out and please do share with your lovely friends, okay? THANKS

    Love and Humanity,


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