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    Dear 24 year old me

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    • Dear 24 year old me

      Dear 24 year old me
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    Haute Tag |#TheReadingTag.

    Haute Tag |#TheReadingTag.

    Since My laptop stopped working ( story for another post) I find myself spending time looking for gaps to fill the urge to drive myself crazy because I can’t design something on my pc or write out posts on my laptop ( not that you can’t write on mobile but I’ve always preferred using my pc ) 

    One of the things to do when you’re feeling lost for me is to get lost on something great and a good book is always the best thing for that and since I hardly ever have hard copies of books I read mostly on my phone but I’d love to change that and invest my time and money on buying hard copy of books so I’m going to finallyyyy read “America’s Mistress , the life and times of Eartha Kitt” which I happpen to have on a hard copy as pictured.

    I was reading my friend’s blog bintiesque.com and she did a reading tag and i thought why not participate on it? plus i have never done any tags on the blog even the ones I found later on that I was picked to participate. It’s also a good idea since I don’t need my PC to type this post up or edit anything so I am currently just using my WordPress App for this post

     So here’s we go…

    1. Do you have a certain place for reading?

    No. I read anywhere but I read better and faster when I’m on the move (traveling) and it’s a long trip. I also sometimes read when I’m on a social event ( on my phone tho)

    2. Bookmark or a random piece of paper?

    Bookmark.But I mostly fold the page I’m reading  not sure it’s the greatest of ideas) 

    3. Can you stop reading anytime you want or do have to stop at a certain page, chapter,part etc.?

    At a certain chapter most of the time,It’s easier going back.

    4. Do you eat or drink while reading?

    Yes I do . Snacking is life. 

    5. Can you read while listening to music/watching tv?

    I mean I can’t multi task like that but sometimes I’ll have music playing , something not so loud maybe a playlist from my SoundCloud or abit of James Blake and/or James Vincent McMorrow.

    7. Reading out loud or silently in your head?

    SILENTLY!! But I’d laugh out loud if something is THAT funny.

    8. Do you read ahead or skip pages?

    Read ahead or skim through the book when  I don’t like the book  that I’m reading 

    9. Breaking the spine or keeping it new?

    Keeping it new. 

    10. Do you write in books?

    When’s it’s mine ; Highlight or use a Black pen and put out a dot if the highlight is missing.

    So what did you think of this post ? I know it’s totally different from what I normally write about but I feel like it’s a tag that describes what type of person one is and hey I’m all for sharing bits and pieces of me with you.Thank you for stopping by hopefully it wasn’t a very long read. 

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