Styling FLARE Jeans 

Styling FLARE Jeans

     Flare pants are back and as auntie soraya of Style Is My Thing  said,

      It’s the most luxurious cut out of them all (knowing how to accessorise and by adding a few sparkles you can look a million bucks effortlessly)

   I totally agree with soraya and from all the looks that I found styled with the flare jeans not one looks  basic even with a simple V neck tshirt or a crop top it still has some elegance in it . I have one pair back home but I’m currently planning to go thrifting and hopefully I  will get another pair some time next week.


   Enjoy the rest of the flare hauteness  and I will be naming a few links on where you can get flare jeans with different prices on online stores .



Coachella ready by

Flare jeans online ( click on the links below)

Which one was your favorite? Would you rock this 70’s style ? 



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