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    • Dear 24 year old me

      Dear 24 year old me
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    • Adulting in jeans and a boyfriend blazer.

      Adulting in jeans and a boyfriend blazer.



    There’s nothing that says classy and chic like a full skirt. (The Carrie Bradshaw skirt). I was going through my Pinterest and saw some pictures so I decided to share with you a few looks on how to style them.
    There are different ways you could style a full skirt I have collected few ways on how you could style it with a crop top, denim shirt , a biker jacket, sweater and with sneakers.
    Crop tops have been on trend for a while now and dressed with a full skirt whether it’s with a matching colour or pattern or with different patterns or colour it makes for a chic, classy and veryyy much a fabulous look.

                            A DENIM SHIRT
          Denim shirts are forever trendy and in my opinion they’ll never go out of style plus you can literally wear them with everything. Below are a few ways on how to wear a denim shirt with a full midi skirt

                               A SWEATER
    It takes courage to pull off this look with an over sized sweater but like Miss Christine Centenera did pull it off , AS ALWAYS. ( Can you tell how much I love her? She is soo awesome and definitely one of my favourite style icons )

    The other way to pull off a full midi skirt is with a cute Sweater that makes it look cute and chic.

                          A BIKER JACKET

    With a T-shirt /denim shirt and a biker jacket this makes for a day out with friends to make it less formal and sometimes you can wear it on a friday at work like  I said, to make it less formal .

    For the girls who are not a fan of heels and also like sneakers , you could style the full skirt with a nice pair of kicks and since its trendy and an easy yet difficult look to pull off, it gives you a certain challenge , it is different but oh so cool and trendy.

    Do you like full midi skirts? How have you styled yours and if you haven’t or want to wear it again , what would you style the full skirt with ?


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