Style talk with LEHAUTESTYLE || Athleisure 101

Style talk with LEHAUTESTYLE || Athleisure 101

The meaning of Athleisure is , “a trend in fashion in which clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities is worn in other settings, such as during work, trips to school, or other casual or social occasion.”

I love this trend and I think everyone should try it because besides it being comfortable it’s very stylish and helps when you have a staple piece that you don’t want to look very dressy with let’s say high waisted pants.. you dress it casually with a pair of gym tank / crop tops and you have yourself something super stylish yet very comfortable.

It’s a trend that’s been around and I’ve seen a lot of fashion shows cooperating work-out fits on their fashion shows. The secret is to balance it with a piece or pieces that someone else will see and say you can’t wear that piece with that piece all together but it actually works. 

I’m only just getting into it and since I just *bought work out clothes I’m thinking of doing a proper shoot on athelisure with different outfits to give you guys a proper idea what I’m talking about and how you can wear office to outgoing pieces and mixing them with different workout clothes. Let me know if you’d want that and I’ll work on it. 

*bought the work out clothes last month but I’ve never worked out. I NEED JESUS.

                 Shots by


Shoes – Adidas ( Thrifted ) 

Skirt – THRIFTED ( DIY ) 

Denim Shirt – Mr Price ( old look ) 



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