Good Day,

Apologies to everyone who was expecting me to post about the speak up category yesterday i was caught up and also power has not been the friendliest right now in my country but All is well i can talk about it now.

Also , i hope you like the new look of the blog i like it and i hope it will be here for a while because it is professional and I just love it and worked hard for it so yeah… but i am  bipolar and get bored with things easily but i surely hope it will be here to stay.. ENOUGH WITH THE CHIT CHAT

So the speak up category is just a platform where i will have  guests every other week and they will post anything to do with fashion, beauty and life in general . This category’s main point is for it to be helpful and a positive place for my readers and once in a while i will host live sessions and we can interact live on different topics concerning life. I am random as you may know by now so do not be surprised if i post about DIY projects and share spoken words with you next. I just hope you will like it all nonetheless.

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I am the worst when it comes to explaining a certain point but i surely hope in time i will get better at it, its kind of ironic considering that i am a blogger and i have to explain about things in here .I hope you all have a blessed week and i promise i am working on new materials for the blog so be patient please.




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