Roses and Guns

Roses and Guns

Did you miss me ? I did, terribly !!! and it’s with greaaaat pleasure to officially tell you guys I’m back and oh I have so much great content ready for you and I do hope you will love it as much as I hope you will. 
First of all , Happy New Year ( twenty three days late but who’s counting right ?) so this first post is one I’ve been doing on Monday named “Weekly Haute Mood” just incase you forgot or you’ve never seen any post on that before. I basically share what inspires me what images I’ve seen on the World Wide Web through out the week that just made me feel some type of way and then I post my favorites here. 

I never knew I loved red roses until I started using the 🌹emoji quite often and well now it’s part of me and part of what I like and through this post you’ll see mostly roses and a few gus and lots of red. So yes here’s my weekly haute mood , I hope you like it. 

Source : Pinterest 


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