I am not even sure what era my look is , maybe the 90’s or 80’s? …. Anyways so this top definitely gives me the retro type of vibe and as I was unpacking when I just got back from Tanzania I happened to unpack this two together and when I saw how cool the colors look together I texted my friend who happens  to be my other personal shopper haa! ( she got me those shorts ) anyways I texted her right away to tell her I found the perfect shirt for the shorts but I have so many more ideas on how to style the shorts you will definitely see them showing an appearance again . 


  When neema ( my sweetest photographer) sent me these pictures I told her I hated the pictures and how I look and we should definitely re-shoot this look I felt so bad ( sorry neema) but as I was deleting the dozen selfies on my gallery I came across these pictures and I said to hell with not feeling the pictures you’re posting this look either way .  

      I was pouting and throwing toooo many peace signs on this shoot it’s definitely one of my many signature poses .   


   Both my shirt and shorts are Thrifted and my shoes are from atmosphere. So what are your thoughts on this look?  Haute or Nat? 

P:S its four am and I can’t sleep at all especially now that I know Rihanna is about to release a new song any moment let me just go back to watching Californication until I fall asleep . Besides that, have an amazing Thursday.





  1. cici
    March 29, 2015 / 7:48 am

    U are getting better and better each day, try to iron your clothes well so as they look well put together. Like the shorts aren’t ironed, they look wrinkled

  2. sab
    October 30, 2015 / 7:27 am

    Pls call me asap I was refers to u by Gladys Shao. 0721461936

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