Of Love and Dark Skin

   Every Wednesday ill try as hard as I can to post poems from a friend of mine,She is Talented and Amazing here is her First Poem.

OF Love and Dark Skin

He got the warmth of a black man.
The  walk of a lion.
I sensed he was the one,
When he came riding on that white Stallion.

He got the love of a black m an.
Suffered with my pain.
I knew he was the one,
When he kissed me in the rain.

He got the strength of a black man.
Arms full of courage.
I knew he was the one,
When I fell that urge.

He got the depth of a black man.
He kissed me by the Nile.
I knew he was the one,
when he asked me to walk down the aisle.

Habiba Orsud

Hope You like it as much as I did .

Have An Amazing Wednesday



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