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    Dear 24 year old me

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    • Dear 24 year old me

      Dear 24 year old me
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      Adulting in jeans and a boyfriend blazer.


                                                                                              Tag Line : ‘ Being Modest is Beautiful’

    This Fashion Movement is one of my Many Projects under my #InspiretoEmpower101 cause. This #beingmodestisbeautiful movement is not only to create awareness about this type of trend, but to also wipe out the Misconception about Modest Fashion Style. One thing people should know is that the Modest Fashion isn’t limited to Only Hijabi/Muslim women, this trend is one that can be worn by anyone who prefers to reveal less. 

    How it all Started:

    Having lived in Malaysia for four and a half years has made me appreciate Fashion as a whole and has opened opportunities for me that were beyond my expectation. However, when it comes to Modest Fashion and being drawn into it started earlier this year in February 2015 when i got invited as an International Fashion Blogger and the Kenyan representative of Ala Hijab to attend the Biggest Fashion Movement ‘Indonesian Fashion Week 2015.’

    The Four days that i was in Jakarta back and forth attending different fashion shows of well renown fashion designers opened up my mind to appreciating Modest Fashion and the possibilities that i had to grow this type of Fashion trend back in Kenya and Africa as a whole.

    A few months before relocating back in Kenya i did my mini research to find out whether or not Modest Fashion Enthusiast existed in Kenya. To my surprise they were there, in fact there was a page which was dedicated to inspire women on modest mode of dressing. However, i found out that despite having such a page there was a misconception about Modest Fashion.


    I saw a need of enlightening people in Kenya and Africa as a whole about the real definition of modest fashion  and wipe out the misconception. From that it came down to the Modest Fashion Movement that i started. However,before i brought it to life i consulted a young lady by the name of Misibtisam (Via Instagram) and told her about the idea. At the beginning i was bit skeptical to bring the Movement to life, as i didn’t know much people in my own home town * Embarrassing, i know* but then i decided to use Instagram to spread the word and awareness and get young ladies to participate.

    Being based in Mombasa it was quiet hard for me to work with Nairobi peeps, however i brainstormed of ways to work it out to be able to get good input for the movement. Unfortunately even after sending emails through and reach out to them only one girl ‘Mariam’ got back to me with the input i asked for, the rest it was a no show.

    In Mombasa i managed to arrange a photo and video recording session and it was a success. From there i did a write up about each of them with their outfits on my Blog and Edited the video which is on YOUTUBE ( Click here)

       My Plan: 

     From this  first step my plan is to get more people from different cultural and religious backgrounds to take part in the Modest Fashion Movement so that people can be inspired in different ways. 

    I am a Fashion enthusiast both Mainstream and Modest Fashion, but at the same time i have the zeal to work with people who see beyond black and white. We live in a world where being normal is nothing but a mere form of laziness, therefore we have to go beyond our limits and encourage one another to be nothing close to normal.

                                                                                                                                                         Written by Nadia Ahmed

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