Men's Style FT RIO PAUL

Men's Style FT RIO PAUL


    His name is RIO PAUL a fashion stylist,PR and a designer from Tanzania . His style is impeccable and he is definitely my favorite stylish man from East Africa .   

Last week I posted casual looks for men and I got a feedback  from someone saying I should share more from  East African men so my male readers from here can relate . My first thought was rio no doubt and I hope you guys can now relate and have an idea on what to wear whether it’s for the office , day out for drinks/movies  or business casual event since his style is very versatile . I listed the looks into categories so I hope they will help my male readers from east Africa and for all you ladies who want to  style their men or brothers. 








                       STREET STYLE



                 BUSINESS CASUAL 






Have a Great and Fab weekend.



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