Makeup Wishlist

Makeup Wishlist

I am the last person to ask for makeup tips, i get my eyebrows and lipstick right 2 out of 10 times.But Amongst my 100 resolutions and goals this year makeup is on the list too, i know i know there are more important resolutions but seriously with popping eyebrows and well done highlight you can accomplish absolutely everything ( Yeah i said it ).

Also my friends, especially Neffyy and Hannan who are so good with makeup and they always look like a bag of money not that they do not without makeup they are absolutely beautiful creatures ..I interrupt this short program to share with you pictures of them.

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So as i was saying i always wish i knew what i was doing with my makeup life, so i went ahead and put together some products i wouldn’t mind having and you too (incase you do not have them already) Also, if you have suggestions on important makeup tools to or any dope make up products to try do leave your comment below. Thank YOU in advance.

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