Leather Overload 

Leather Overload 

              LEATHER OVERLOAD 

       It’s 3AM and I still can’t sleep even after having a large piece of white forest cake .So I decided to just go ahead and post this up before tomorrow.

     I wear anything aslong as I am in the mood for it , well and sometimes when the weather allows. I have had that jacket for over three years and It is one of my favorite thing in my closet you can literally wear a leather jacket with a lot of outfits ( I should do a post on how to wear leather jackets soon) . My leather skirt was a gift from a friend and I love it and there are so many ways you can style such a skirt be it casual or official . I Paired this look with a lace crop top to make it casual and still maintain the all black look I was going for, minus the bag of course which is just to neutralize the all black look.

 I can’t really point out where exactly I got all the pieces on this look because most of them were either from a local store or like the skirt and bag was a gift from a friend. But if you need me to find you alternative looks just leave a comment below . 

I hope you liked the look , have a great day/evening or night depending on what part of the world my lovely readers are from . Now let me finish this last episode of two and a half men and hopefully I’ll be asleep in the next twenty minutes. 




  1. Purrie
    March 17, 2015 / 8:50 am

    beautiful..i love the leather skirt

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