Acting like a Lady, in Black . 



   Hi guys,  How was your weekend ? I hope all is well with you and your loved ones and I hope you had an amazing weekend.  I’m just glad i got home in Dar es salaam safe and sound though I will only be here for two weeks I hope I will do some productive issues that I have planned .

    This is probably one of my favorite shoots to date firstly because it was such a fun day even though it started with a rainy weather  but my photographer and I improvised on whatever location we got.  ( This is a location near by my apartment in Nairobi ) I hate taking pictures with people watching but people were around minding their business ( well some ) and I had a friend around who always has a way of making me laugh ( Hi Hawa 🙋 )


I had to repeat this shoot since the first shots had some issues but I had to re-do this outfit because I love it’s simplicity yet its elegance and with a touch of a neck piece showing up at an evening event sounds like the perfect venue for this look and a round of applause to my hair please ? … I barely stay with a weave or braids or basically any hairstyle for more than three weeks it’s always like that and I never have a signature look which isn’t good since we all need that one look that  will describe you or have people identify you . ( Just last week my lecturers were telling me how much I keep changing my hairstyle they don’t recognize me anymore )   

Okay why am I talking about my hair?…  Back to this fit .  I am wearing a skirt and v neck t-shirt that I bought from one of my many  thrifting places this one was near by my place and that purse was a present from my best friend aka my other personal shopper. And those lovely black sandals I actually bought them some time last year at a BATA shop in Kenya and they were on SALE . My favorite four letter word after cake and cake and more cake .. Haa!! They also had them in nude but not in my size but I was too lazy to visit another BATA store to go check if they have them in my size.    


                     WHAT I AM WEARING

Skirt – Alternatives here

T-shirt – Alternatives here

Shoes – Alternatives here

Bracelets- Fervor Montréal


Have a lovely day lovers and do leave your thoughts on this look on the comment section 🙂 



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  1. Neema Jodie
    April 21, 2015 / 7:08 am


  2. lovie
    April 21, 2015 / 10:09 am

    so classy..apart from u having the highest sense of fashion..u also got the perfect body coz every outfit fits in perfectly well…NICE HAIR DO…

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