• Journal of a black lady

    Dear 24 year old me

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    • Dear 24 year old me

      Dear 24 year old me
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      Self Care Sunday: The Rub Spa
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      Adulting in jeans and a boyfriend blazer.

    Journal of a black Lady.


    So who follows or reads thisisess’s blog in here? if you do not know about her, Her name is sharon, a really great fashion and lifestyle blogger from Kenya who I have recently been on her blog almost every time i get an update that a new post is up.I love her content and I think my favorite part of her blog is at the end of the month where she posts what she calls “taking stock” it is like an online journal where she shares her recent likes, eats,basically what she has been up to here is a link of her recent taking stock ” here” so you might be wondering why i am on my blog talking about another fashion blogger? well I have always wanted to do the same but in a way that does not seem like i am exactly copying what she is doing, it has been hard coming with something different yet the same? i am not sure if i am making sense but so here is the actual reason for this long paragraph;

    I started a tumblr page where i will be sharing everything and nothings that i could write in a journal, while i still have a journal  physically with me i figured starting an online journal is not much of a big deal considering the fact that i am always on my phone to begin with and my tumblr app is just always there staring at me screaming “open me,open me” i will be sharing 5 posts from the journal every week for people who are not up to read everything about me, but who knows? some day i will be a best book seller of my journal and then i will force you to read it. ( i am joking) … or am i? *does an eyebrow rise dramatically*

    So here it goes, 5 things i just posted on my journal, i call it A Journal of a Black Lady.

    1. Currently: Finding AND Knowing GOD.
    2. Quote of the week: ” Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper” Beyoncé #Formation

    3. My Nigerian friend made me some food from their country today , I didn’t know the Egusi soup had fish because I can’t eat fish my face reacts to it well some type of fish so i am not sure which one exactly I just stay away from any type of sea food, I LOVED the plantain I could eat it everyday , truly ! Then we have jollof rice now I understand the fuss on social media about it , I’ve eaten it before I remember Back in Malaysia there’s this girl who I lived with used to make it for the man who’s Nigerian , I think back then I didn’t know what it was until I tasted some today and it brought so much memories , I miss Malaysia lord knows how much. Overall plantain is my favorite so far I’m currently trying to look for them in any supermarket here in Nairobi. Hopefully I’ll get them.


    4. This week’s reads. Wondering how I’m going to finish three books but they are all very interesting and I have been looking for them since last year , plus when your friend lends you her books for a week you’re kind of obligated to finish them before the return date.img_5478

      I hope you had or are having a great monday, be great.

    Love and Humanity




    1. February 8, 2016 / 6:29 pm

      You’re welcome girllll and you can get plantain at the market next to Prestige Plaza.. Will take you on Wednesday ✌✌✌ And thanks for making me realize that I don’t stalk FisayoLonge enough

    2. March 24, 2016 / 2:30 pm

      Plantain is the best, the food looks so good just makes me miss home. Read Americanah at the end of last year and it’s a fantastic read, really touches on some of the struggles of being an African abroad. Love Chinamanda, you should have a look at her collection of short stories I think you’d enjoy them. ☺

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