Jeans withdrawal 

Jeans withdrawal 

I hope everyone is having a great Saturday. I had such a LONG one and I’m not even done with it yet . I’m on my way to Arusha and the journey is taking forever I think I have slept enough for all the sleep I haven’t been having. So since I won’t be blogging again until sometime next week why not bless you with one more post this weekend?

As time keeps passing by my love for jeans decreases and I’m left craving for more comfortable pants and slacks . I was having this conversation with my friend neffyy and I blame her for this since she kind of rubbed off her non- jeans GENES on me . But OFCOURSE there are pairs you must have in your closet like this highwaist fitting jeans I got at a thrift store but lucky me they happen to be from TOPSHOP  ( the mother of awesome jeans ) but since my cheap ass  would rather spend  50+ pounds on shoes than jeans I’m left with no option than to thrift

My sister from another mister pendo literally got me a bag of shoes and clothes when she was coming back from the UK and one of the goodies were these Zara heels that I have a love and hate relationship with .  Oh and that top that I also featured on my post is way too classy and goes with a lot of outfits so I had to pair it with some jeans too. 

You know there’s always that piece of clothing that you wear like all the time? Well to me it is  this easy sleeveless trench coat that is actually a dress but I’ve always preferred wearing it like this but one of these days I will have to go with the rules and wear it alone .  And the bag was also a thrift steal from last week when I went shopping .

I wish you guys an amazing weekend and please drink and party responsibly or whatever you’re doing this weekend. I have two more hours till I’m in arusha and inshallah I’ll arrive safe .

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  1. lovie
    April 20, 2015 / 2:58 pm

    the look is smazing too..if i find that top i wouldnt trade it for anything aisee…the shoes are spectacular loving your shoegame

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