I got it from my mama


    Can we take a moment to actually check out how much my hip looks like a chicken’s on that picture above ? With that said , how is /was everyone’s Easter holiday? Mine was Very good and slightly bad .( I will be talking about it more on my next post ) 



   So with this look I paired it with my slip -ons for an easy day out whether it’s shopping or basically running any type of errands and then with the boots you can pull the look going out for drinks , movies , open mic no seriously if you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard just get a look like this and you’re good to go.

   Oh and yeah some of you are probably wondering what I got from my mama, it was that top all i remember is seeing it and loving it and taking it.( baarrsss!!!) 

Where would you rock this look? Leave a comment below ❤️



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