How to style a graphic tee #4

How to style a graphic tee #4

If you read my blog you’ve probably seen this tee one too many times and as i mentioned on the previous posts iwas showing you how to style a graphic tee. 

You know when i put this look together in my head i thought  i would love it but i find it plain and boring for my personal style at the moment, i wish i wore this look with a pair of stan smith sneakers instead to give the look the edge it deserves. 

But i aim to show you guys all outfits meant for the blog because that’s how i learn what fits me and what doesn’t ,  but also most looks may inspire someone whose personal style is like that. 

If you’ve missed the other looks featuring this tee find them Here , Here and Here. Also a new post will be up tomorrow talking about my favorite things for the past six months and more. 

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