How to style a Duster Coat.

How to style a Duster Coat.




On my social media accounts ( Instagram and twitter ) I mentioned that my full outfit minus the shoes cost me approximately 5$(500 Kes ,10,000 Tshs) because they were all thrifted and people were wondering how that is possible and I can’t stress this enough when I say it’s never about the money you spent on an outfit it’s more of how you’re going to wear it and according to what you can afford or if you are like me, you  just like wearing thrifted pieces.

It's never about the money you spent on an outfit it's more of how you're going to wear it. Click To Tweet

I also got questions on thrifting and I’ve done a whole post on it before if you have never seen it  just click here if you still want to know anything about thrifting according to me.

My closet as of late includes bodysuits , duster coats ( night robes)  , jeans and high waisted pants. I find myself buying  such pieces whenever i go shopping i guess it’s part of my style now and as i always say your style can change, evolve depending on your current mood and don’t be scared to try out different styles as you find what fits you best.




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