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    • Dear 24 year old me

      Dear 24 year old me
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    Haute Review || THE BAY RESTAURANT.

    Haute Review || THE BAY RESTAURANT.


    Plot no. 40, Msasani Road,
    Oysterbay, Dar es salaam.


    +255 783 539 090

    WEBSITE :thebay.co.tz

    INSTAGRAM : thebayrestaurant40


    I was introduced to The bay by one of my close friends who is in love with the restaurant. I loved it from the first day i went in back in 2014. I remember the meal so perfectly well because in my entire life i have never had such Chicken Alfredo Pasta. I have never been able to go to any other restaurant and order Chicken Alfredo Pasta because that pasta i had back in 2014 was that GOOD and lets just say I do not want to lose that feeling.


    Shamsa of Bintiesque.com and I were looking to collaborate on something and while we have other things in line besides the giveaway that just ended  here. So we were looking for a restaurant to go to and talk some more over food about the blogging world in Tanzania and while we both knew what we wanted we still had a hard time deciding on which restaurant exactly to go to.So we went to check the first place we were meant to go and it did not have what we were looking for then i just told her let’s go to The Bay remembering the last time i was there and how amazing the food was, we just had to go and since she had never been there and always wanted to go, it felt like the perfect place to be and it was.

    So here is my Haute Review of The Bay Restaurant.


    What is the first thing you look for in a restaurant or basically anywhere you go to? My very first thing is the service and The Bay had the best service you could have asked for from the Chef  (Chef Marc thank you for being the friendliest and making us feel at home) the Manager Tash and our waiter who would come at our table each time to make sure we were okay and did not mind a single bit that we took forever to order. They were Friendly, Very helpful and made us feel so comfortable being there especially since we kept taking pictures of anything and everything we saw and a special thank you to Sam one of the waiters who was kind enough to take some of our pictures together and did them so beautifully.


    Their dishes are a wide selection of almost everything but since one of my favourite dish is actually Italian I was tempted to order the Chicken Alfredo but contemplated for something light and something I have never tried before since that’s what I have been challenging myself as of late, to try new things. So I ordered Caesar Salad, for the longest time I have wanted to try it but some how I have never gotten around to actually eating it,so I ordered that and Shamsa had chicken and avocado salad which looked like it also tasted like heaven. I loved the Caesar Salad and I took some home with me and my mom who hates salad loved it while my young sister decided to finish each piece of chicken left (yes it was that good).




    If you follow my Instagram or Pinterest you probably know by now how much of a decor fanatic i have turned out to be so when i saw the decor of this place it gave me a certain vibe that i loved so much. The last time i was there i was not that into decor so i think i had not paid so much attention to it but this time i truly did and the decor deserves a five-star,from the pillows,the wall ( the white patches on the wall are part of the decor) and the beautiful art hanging on the walls goes in life with how the ambience of that place cozy,romantic and so chilled. Another thing i loved about the place is the soothing music that takes over the entire place , i might need to go take that playlist.



    It also has a bed and breakfast so it is quite the place for a couple’s weekend treat for more details and bookings click this link here.

    Would i recommend you to go there ? Yes , 100% . Perfect place to go for brunch and diner with friends and loved ones and escape the city chaos .

    Thank you for stopping by let me know what you think of the place and what are some of the things you look forward to in a restaurant ?



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