Haute Friday in the Office

Haute Friday in the Office
The weekend is upon us ,Wednesday is basically pre- weekend then Thursday is the day that helps and excites you to look forward to the weekend since Friday is now officially the beginning of the weekend in my books ( Rolls eyes to people who thought it was okay to make Friday a weekday) like what were you thinking sir? not making Friday a weekend was the greatest mistake ever,okay i am exaggerating but you get the gist.
The irony of all this is the fact that i find weekends and weekdays are the same to me for the past year or so because i pretty much work better, think better on weekends at home with my PC or anything to excite or inspire me.But still, i think it is time we sign a petition for the world leaders to make Friday a weekend. Who is with me? send me an email at info@wewantfridaytobeaweekend.com and talk about how we can make this happen.

Now since you read my stupid vent i think it is high time to get to the point of this blog post, i am sharing with you looks you can try for “casual Friday” at work that are both stylish and Friday work-appropriate though with God’s will when i have my own companies running i will not let my workers wear official looks every day i mean don’t they know people work better when they are wearing something they like or are in comfortable attires? Plus do you know how expensive office wear is? see, i am back to venting let me get back to today’s post.

img_3173Here are some stylish looks you can try for work on a Friday, since you’re reading this today, a beautiful Wednesday morning you have a day to look forward to dressing up like a boss on *Friday without heading home to change into something else for happy hour after work.


*Anybody noticed the amount of times i wrote Friday? Yeah that is how much i love Fridays.

So, what are you going to wear this Friday at work? if you got inspired by any look or you have questions on anything please do not hesitate to share and also you can send  me an email  info@lehautestyle.com


Have a blessed day.



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