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    Dear 24 year old me

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    • Dear 24 year old me

      Dear 24 year old me
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    • Adulting in jeans and a boyfriend blazer.

      Adulting in jeans and a boyfriend blazer.

    Freaks and Geeks 

    Freaks and Geeks 

    I’m so good with blog titles  but when it comes to actually describing my look into details that’s just not me. I saw some chic on Pinterest wearing her denim shirt like that and I thought it was cool so I tried it also and I really think I look cool …. KINDA ( low key I look homeless) 

    It would look plain and simple if I just wore the denim shirt normal but I’ve been trying to add some twists into my outfits and by time I’ll be getting better at it and master the art of wearing something simple but making it cooler . 

    We also took these pictures at kitengela glass house on our weekend getaway two weeks ago.

    P:S  I’ll be announcing the winner tonight and as I said on my Instagram page I’ve added one more pair of shades of my choice too. 

    Outfit details.

    Shirt :Asos || Skirt : DIY || Shoes : Atmosphere || Bag : River Island || Glasses : bought them in town (Nairobi)

    Photography by THEBONGOLESE

    Have a great day 




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