Dear Self

Dear Self

You’re doing great

It will get better 

This shit happens to everyone 

It’s just a laptop you’ll get another one

Keep on taking those headspace sessions

C’mon it’s it’s not depression just a bit of stress 

No you’re loved and cared for 

Yes you may actually win that award if you’d have pushed more on votes 

You must keep on doing yoga it’s just Day 3 don’t quit 

Stop being lazy and inconsistent 

Start owning your bullshit

Start and don’t QUIT

MOVE in silence 

Go out more 

Remove negative vibes from your life

Don’t be scared to burn a few bridges 

Don’t be scared of asking for what you deserve

Ask for your money nothing to be afraid of 

Save Up

Care for your health 

Eat Well

Take care of your skin , hair and nails 

Click publish on all those ahmena posts 

Make this month count 

Make this year count 

Make your life count 

Love Yourself

Breath sister 


“You don’t put yourself online only because you have something to say—you can put yourself online to find something to say.” – Kleon Austin


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