Classic Casual Fit

Classic Casual Fit



   You know for the longest time i have always wanted a crisp white shirt and when i found this Calvin Klein slightly oversized shirt a few weeks back whilst thrifting i really thought and  still think my life is complete because of it. A crisp white shirt can be underdressed, overdressed and worn at home on a weekend while reading a book and enjoying some alone time doing nothing and everything. It is a must staple in anyone’s closet.


       I do not remember the last time i was this excited about getting thrifted shoes that were not heels to be honest,but when i got these beauties a couple of weeks back oh and i just realised ( My friend marie told me) that the brand is well known and recognised and goes by the name “London *Rebel” . I went to their website and they have so many great shoes and clothes you should check them out. I also have some classic loafers and oxfords on my thrift store page on instagram check it out too Here



        I think i will have blog post on styling a Crisp White Shirt soon for you guys. And i will be talking all about how a white crisp shirt is really a basic staple in your wardrobe and more things you need to know when wearing a white shirt like not eating anything that can stain it if you are as clumsy as i am, ( I hate you ketchup)  Now i have  a GAZILLION things to take care of for my blog, upcoming **website and oh not forgetting packing and running a million errands  before i leave for Tanzania. So i will leave you with this video that  inspired me to be great and do great things and i think and hope it will inspire you too. This 

Get Similar Look ;


*Fun Fact: I knew that Rebel  is sometimes a noun and a verb last weekend,thanks to Marie

** I have a new website coming soon and while we’re at it please i beg of you take the survey HERE (Ladies Only) it will really help me a lot. Thanks in Advance 

Pictures by SOAFRICANE

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  1. May 13, 2016 / 2:17 pm

    Thank you for the video JT,Deep message! Really love the whole look too,I will also try rock something similar Lol.

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