Adulting in jeans and a boyfriend blazer.

Adulting in jeans and a boyfriend blazer.

Location : Pasha Turkish Restaurant|| Photographer : Canny Sophen


Boyfriend blazer : Thrifted |  Tee : Thrifted | Shoes : Thrifted ( Nine West) | Belt : Dona Desvan | Jeans : House of Jeans

Adulting : The Art of doing grown up things. I.e Having a job, taking care of your family… Paying your bills, Rent and sometimes taking great care of your one and only good pair of shoes despite in have to wear it every day and you can’t afford a new one because you have more important things needed.


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Adulting is a fuckery we all have to go through and try our level best to push through in whatever ways  we can. 

This year Adulting has hit me harder than it usually has been doing over the years, and last month?… well the stones just kept been thrown my way from my day job, to side hustles, to losing big opportunities with this blog, to family and heart matters and then to one of the biggest stones thrown at me, losing a dear friend, someone i love(d) wholeheartedly, one of my biggest support system and cheerleader a true definition of a friend, a sister, it’s hard even thinking about it so i choose to try never talk about it for now. So it’s been crazy trying to cope with all that.

I am going to share two things I have learnt with you throughout these many trials that God somehow manages to help and guide me through.

      Learn AND live well with people and spread as much love and light as you possibly can when you still can!


In words of Denzel Washington “ Keep working. Keep Striving. Never Give up. Fall back seven times, get up eight”



Learn and live well with people and spread as much love and light as you possibly can when you… Click To Tweet

Thank you for reading my blog and i can’t wait to share with you more looks i shot with Canny Sophen at the beautiful(and only) Turkish restaurant in Dar es salaam, Pasha. Enjoy more looks of this casual outfit that i just realized looks something like this look i did two years ago, Here