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    Dear 24 year old me

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    • Dear 24 year old me

      Dear 24 year old me
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      Adulting in jeans and a boyfriend blazer.

    Haute Review || Cielo Restaurante

    Haute Review || Cielo Restaurante



    Sea Cliff Village walk ,Opp JD Pharmacy Masaki


    Telephone: +255766000005


    TWITTER: @cielo_tz

    INSTAGRAM : @cielo_restaurante

    I had seen pictures and tweets on Cielo Restaurante last year so I kept it on my to go to restaurants in dar , I’m so happy i got to tick it off on my list and the place actually exceeded my expection.

    Cielo Restaurante was opened last year but they closed it due to some renovation they had going on and I must say , it was worth the wait.The place is beautiful and here are my two cents on it;


    First i’d like to say thank you to the manager Brett ( very kind, helpful and treated us very well and made us feel very comfortable and like the most important customers there ) and the whole staff from the bartender Eric, who made us amazing cocktails and Abbas our waiter who despite our very indecisive selves was patient and very helpful on what to eat and he even sent for  a “proper” photographer to take a picture of Shamsa and I since he was not getting it right.


    Decor and Ambience 

    I’m not one for color , when I mention what colors I like blue and yellow are probably on my top twenty  after fifteen shades of dark colors and nude. But when I entered Cielo I was in awe of how amazing the place is , and who knew blue and yellow make the best combo? Cielo actually made me rethink of my everyday decor vibes, and the beautiful art and inspirational words all over the place made me feel comfortable and just plain happy being there.  Oh my other favorite thing was the sitting plan i have never gone to a restaurant where they had seats like those (pictured below) so i found that quite interesting. The bar decor was my other favourite thing such a nice place to hang out for happy hour and just kick with friends on the weekend.


    We had some Delicious chicken wings first but Brett the manager advised us to try one of their favorite dishes that unfortunately is Tuna and both of us don’t eat that. I’ve had bad luck with eating anything from the ocean and/or sea and I didn’t want to spoil that so we had the chicken wings and I must say I loved them especially since I had no idea what sauce was in it but all I know is that it was amazing and I should eat that again soon. For the main dish I had T bone steak with rice and steamed vegetables on the side , it also came with the TASTIEST mushroom sauce ( guys ask Shamsa on how shocked I was when I tasted the sauce for the first time ) I don’t think I’ll ever eat anything else if I ever get to visit Cielo again, I’ll probably ask the chef to pass down thy recipe and have it for dinner every day.


    FUN FACT : They had a nice shisha lounge before shisha was banned in Dar Es Salaam, What do you guys think of the “No Shisha Law?”.

    Has anyone ever been to Cielo Restaurante? let me know what you thought of it and if you haven’t or were there before they renovated i highly recommend you guys to go.

    Till Next Time, Enjoy.

    Haute Review || THE BAY RESTAURANT.

    Haute Review || THE BAY RESTAURANT.

    WEBSITE :thebay.co.tz INSTAGRAM : thebayrestaurant40   I was introduced to The bay by one of my close friends who is in love with …

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