How i balance my day job and blogging

How i balance my day job and blogging


Before i start a long post about how i balance my day job and blogging let’s talk about my outfit shall we? I am wearing a beautiful chiffon shirt ,my bag and oh those beautiful comfortable office shoes that i mentioned here are available in different colors at Emmanuel’s Elegant Wear. I love the design of the top and there’s something about a black and white outfit mixed with red that gives it a great pop of color, get any of the items i have worn at Emmanuel’s Elegant Wear store at Samora Avenue, Ground Floor NHC House.

Photography by Thebongolese


I started working in July 2017, i am the marketing and community manager at Easybuyafrica It’s a company that deals with giving customers the access to shop from any online retailer as we take care of payment, shipping, clearing and delivery. For more details about what we do, please visit the website -> Here

I really like my job even tho it’s something very new to me having to be somewhere from Monday to Saturday.I have always worked better when i work for myself and don’t have a number of people to answer to, it’s challenging and it truly has been the most eye opening few months of my life especially since it’s my first real office job. So far i have learnt a lot more than i thought i would have especially through my boss who is  great at teaching and explaining things i never knew as well as having very interesting, friendly and fun co-workers and a great working environment.

Now how i balance my day job and blogging as well and all the other side gigs i do ( Styling, web and graphic designing, community manager , creative directing etc) they don’t call me jackie of all trades for no reason.


Haa i’m joking.. I think how i manage to do it is by just being dedicated and passion through everything that i do. For the past few months if you noticed i was abit offline because of too much work i had going on with my day job i remember feeling a sense of guilt each time i visited my blog , but to me all i need to do to balance blogging/(side hustle) and day job is making time for everything and deciding that from this time i will focus on this certain part. There’s a quote i read recent that i think i should share it with you guys.

A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to it's old dimensions. Click To Tweet

I remember my boss told me once all you need is to manage your time and plan ahead and decide if a certain task should come first or it can be done at a later time. So for the coming months i will do what i used to do, I shoot my blog shoots mostly on Sundays and during the week i have time at night or morning ( since i get in at work at 9AM) to write a blog post or two and/or finish designing a clients website. I guess sometimes we just have to sacrifice abit of sleep to get to where we want to be in life, We must be able to adjust to change. I realized i love blogging and to think i almost quit last month ( story for another day).

Manage your time and plan ahead and decide if a certain task should come first or it can be done at a later time. Click To Tweet