Hello lovers,

    Wow it’s been a while since I last posted an outfit In here , my apologies to you all I have just been busy catching up with school and other personal issues 

     March is just around the corner and I can’t believe how time keeps flying by it was just New Years a week ago (not really)

 Anyways back to my current post basically everything  I have on was thrifted with an exception of the shoes I got them at Mr Price (Tanzania) I was craving some oxfords then I saw them and liked them immediately but now? not so much I tend to lose interest on a lot of things lately I have no idea why.

I rarely wear accessories (I know I need to change that and I am working on it so you will see more of that and handbags also)

I did this photoshoot with my bestie who happens to share the same love I have for fashion and I’m happy to share with you some pictures of us that kind of describes us in general ( she is the one who is far from being chilled forever causing trouble during the shoot ) and we were all on that braids gang and black casual attire. 

what’s your take on this whole look ? Personally I look at it now and definitely have a love and hate relationship with it . 



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