Inspiring Women.

Inspiring Women.


You can never limit yourself with just one talent , find and use all the talents that you have and master and share them with the world in all ways possible, you never know who you will inspire and change his/her life”

When social media is concerned there is an upside and a downside to it, and if used well it can be the greatest tool to meet and work with brands, other bloggers and influencers and even make long term friends and business ventures. I myself can fully say that i am still learning on using it the right way and sometimes ( lately almost all the time) i want to delete all my accounts and get lost but i just take time off and sometimes i end up missing so much that could help or inspire me in so many ways that i had no idea was possible.
One way that i get inspired is finding other fashion, food, creative and art directory related pages on instagram or pinterest, I always try as much as i can follow or spend my time on things that inspire me and i admit most of the time i am half depressed at how successful other people are not realising that i myself have had success of mine because looking at myself two years ago i did not think i would have such a successful blog and though i wish i was three steps further i am still lucky and blessed to be where i am today. 

 Through social media i have learnt and actually mastered some skills and hobbies i did not know i could do and one of them being a creative and art director, still trying to master my skills in writing and branding myself and the main point of today’s blog post is to tell you some of the phenomenal women that have inspired me on this journey and one of the main lesson i learnt from all of them is” You can never limit yourself with just one talent , find and use all the talents that you have and master and share them with the world in all ways possible, you never know who you will inspire and change his/her life” 



She is one person who makes me want to be better in everything that i do. Her website is  called ” SHINEBYTHREE.COM”  and now let me list down all her amazing skills , she is a photographer , stylist , consultant and a writer ( she has a book coming up that i can not wait to buy and i have no idea what it is about).She is doing all these at just the age of 22 like myself over here. Some of you may know her from a show called fashion bloggers, i had no idea it existed until i tweeted her picture once and someone mentioned she loved her from that show.

Oh fun fact the picture on the left? it is one of the covers for Vogue china’s Vogue Me publication which she styled and photographed herself while running in and out of the hotel on winter weather and TIME magazine who were with her through all that had the audacity to call her an instagram celebrity (blasphemy). You can read and watch the video about it here

oh and her style is impeccable and pulls off anything oh so effortlessly.


The epitome of class is what Nicole Warne of “GARYPEPPERGIRL.COM” is. She is a class act and you can see it through her instagram page and how amazingly beautiful and well crafted her website is. She works with brands like Chanel, Valentino , Dolce & Gabbana and has appeared on different magazines like Elle, Miss Vogue,Lucky and as of late she was on the cover of Harper Bazaar Singapore.

Nicole is a creative director, social media and brand consultant, digital strategist and influencer. Her creative work is always of high quality and always takes each job that she gets and makes it more than what you could  imagine and most importantly does it oh so effortlessly. Oh and My friend, Marie and i always are happy to live vicariously through her travel diaries with her fiancé who happens to be an amazing photographer.



When i think of Shini park and how amazing she is at everything that she does and how great she is at graphic designing and writing a post that can leave you wanting to read almost everything from her website “PARKANDCUBE.COM “. And her sense of humour and love for food is something that won me over the first time i followed her instagram account. Her skills are oh so many and does everything perfectly that leaves you wondering when you will get to her level of greatness, She is a  Graphic designer ,Writer, creative director, digital consultant and a photographer. 

One thing i love most about her is how she creates and makes each content on her website worth it , she is a great example of someone who values quality over quantity and one person who has inspired me to create websites and i am actually thinking of going ahead and doing a course or get another degree on website and graphic designing.

You can never limit yourself with just one talent , find and use all the talents that you have and… Click To Tweet

Fun Fact : Margaret and Nicole were on the 30 under 30 Asia Forbes List.

Who are some of the women that have inspired you in your craft via social media? please comment below so i can check them out too.  I have so many other people that inspire me these three ladies are just whom i have been addicted to as of late.

Thank you for stopping by and have a lovely weekend .

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