I have been up since 6 AM and promised myself i will not whine about the fact that my neighbours woke me up from the noise they were making from coming back from God knows where , while i do not mind what people do with their life i hate when it interferes with my time table because the only time i ever get proper night sleep is on Sunday because,
Monday to Friday i have work and on Saturday is when i go thrifting .Now i know some of you have probably gone to church and/or have done something productive by now while i am here writing this blog post and two more on draft before i start my day.
So many people have brunch on sundays with friends and family after church or after waking up very late right? (i know i do most of the time) and if there is one thing i do a lot is looking for a quick or very fun meals to make and enjoy with myself or with loved ones on Pinterest. I love trying out new recipes and i get very excited about it, i found some fun recipes on the internet for you guys and if you do make any please do not forget to share them with me on any of my social media accounts.

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First recipes is from Kenya’s very own food blogger, Kaluhi of I was looking for a fun crepes recipe and i know they are some of my readers that don’t drink like me but this is also for my readers who like some flavour flav on their Sunday brunch. So i was on her page looking for recipes and i came across this you can get the recipe ->Here



I LOVE french toast dearly, it is quick and easy to make and with a dash of cinnamon everything in life seems like will be alrighhhhht ( Useless fact: i am listening to alright by kendrick lamar as i type this). So i found a fun way to eat and make your french toasts , Link to make the delicious french toast sticks is -> HERE




Now i have seen several tweets and Instagram posts from people about how much they hate avocados and can’t understand how people eat them, i do not blame them tho i used to HATE avocados but right now i eat them more than three times a week and the best part you can make avocados with almost everything and anything and each time i see a Avocado hate tweet i cry for them inside because they do not know what they are missing, I mean look at the recipe i am just sharing with you ? Fast,Easy and Delicious and maybe healthy? (haha) For my muslim readers you can totally substitute the bacon for something else that you love and can eat. Get the recipe -> HERE



What is love if it isn’t a combination of french toast, banana and the best thing ever made NUTEELLA? Now this recipe is something i highly recommend to make especially on Sundays when you feel like life sucks , the mixture of all greatness will leave you feeling like  LOVE  is in your mouth, for real. Get the recipe of this beautiful french toast -> HERE



I wanted to share more but i think this is enough for today please share this post with your loved ones who like me,love making fun and easy recipes for breakfast or brunch or just dinner? ( yes i eat that for dinner)

Wishing you all a blessed sunday and a great week ahead.

Love and Humanity.



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