Conscious about weight and looks.

She is my sister, my best friend – She is my sister, my best friendI love her but i only watch.. 

I watch her scroll down her phone

For ways to loose weight

I watch her squeeze herself into one even two corsets 

to shape her waist.

I watch her 

I watch all the weightloss aids sitting on the counter,
judging her for having that extra weight.

I watch her scroll past dresses in fear of emphasizing her waist. 

I watch her

I watch the world squeeze her life with corsets and drain her happiness with pills. 
I watch her being held on that leash

Getting whipped by a guilty conscience everytime she bites into a cake. 

She is my sister, my best friend
I love her, but i only watch

 I help her tie her corsets with a smile asking her if it’s too tight,

it crushes me..

Not saying anything at all, i only watch

But when i look in the mirror out of shame , i realise I am the same


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