Jummah Mubarak || Hijabi Fashion


     So i have had this post on draft for a while mainly because i was hesitant to post it but I asked a hijabi friend and she told me it is an appropriate hijabi outfit so I got the courage to post it . I styled Hawa this outfit since last month and I love working with her she is fun to work with and very stylish. We bought everything from different thrifting locations , Yes even the shoes.

I will try shoot and post atleast one hijabi fashion look every friday for my beloved Muslim sisters and please correct me when I’m wrong and I hope by time I would be a master in styling hijabis too.oh and  I googled the meaning of Jummah Mubarak before I started writing this post and I came across something that says saying Jummah Mubarak by the ladies is a bidah ? Can someone please explain that to me ? 

Enjoy the rest of pictures and if you have any request or thoughts please leave your comment below or email me lehautestyle@gmail.com and I wish you all an amazing weekend.
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Monochromatic Lady 



   Since Pantone is the color of the year then I definitely had to try a monochrome look on it. I tried everything with that beautiful skirt but I just wasn’t feeling all the looks until I tried it with the chiffon top and I fell in love with the look. The weather in Nairobi is playing games lately and one has to always have a coat with them and I literally walk with an umbrella everywhere since it’s not predictable. I paired the look with my favorite cut out boots that I can’t stop wearing because they make an outfit look ten times cooler.
   We shot this outfit and many more at a beautiful lodge in Nairobi called Rolf’s place . It’s very beautiful and located a little outside of town and near by where I stay in rongai, the decor is to die for , we took beautiful shots of it with different outfit so you’ll see more of the place on my next blog posts and hopefully you will love it as much as I did. 



 WEARING : Skirt – Thrifted ||Top – Thrifted || Coat – Thrifted 

P:S   Yesterday I finally went to the movies and watched mad max and dear lord the movie was fully packed with action from the beginning to the end such a great movie and with Tom hardy and Charlize Theron and all the supermodels in there who did a great job acting by the way , it was definitely worth it. With an exception of the part where I had to watch a 3D movie without 3D glasses because they always hurt my eyes so much.  if you love action movies it’s definitely one of the movies you should watch.

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Art Heaux: Cause I’m in love with these tumblr girls. 


  Apologies for the lack of posts in the past few weeks actually just two but it sure does feel like forever. So I’m finally back and I’m back with a new cut that you’ll be seeing more of until I’m in the mood to have long hair again then I will start praying to my beloved Jesus to help me grow some and probably regret cutting it for a minute but oh well… It’s just hair 

    Before I talk about my outfit can we take a moment to appreciate and show love to my photographer I mean she is one of the main reason I got serious about blogging and over the past 6-ish months of working with her the progress has been incredible and I’m happy that I’m here to see her grow and become one hell of a photographer . Please show some love by following her on Instagram THEBONGOLESE and Jodie if you’re reading this me and all the lehautestyle readers wants you to get yourself a site ALREADY!!!

     Okay , so I bought the pants sometime last month from a thrift place {Gikomba} and I wasn’t sure I liked them when I finally tried them on but then I tried them before my shoot and I just liked them for some reason. The top and sleeveless coat are also thrifted and those lovely shoes are from BATA. I’ve had them for an year I think now and they’ve saved me so many times because they’re comfy and well, BLACK so they’re very convenient.

   I’ll be talking about this beautiful location that we shot on my next post but for today I hope you guys have an amazing relaxed Sunday and hopefully I’ll get to watch mad max this evening . But for now please enjoy the rest of these beautiful pictures that I think make me look like a total tumblr chic I could totally hear G-eazy singing  ….”Cause I’m in love with these tumblr girls, with skinny waists and drug habits,Pretty faces love status, she acts as if she’s the baddest ” but we all know I don’t have a skinny waist and drug habits right?

With LOVE  




For some reason i am writing this blog post while listening to B* better have my money, anyways ROBYN RIHANNA FENTY was announced the new face of DIOR back in march making her the first black woman to be the face of dior in it’s 70 years history, a round of applause for this beautiful hardworking island girl,

Here are a few pictures and a print ad that has just been released for the fourth episode of Dior’s “SECRET GARDEN SPRING 2015″ video series.She really is on a roll after murdering it at the MET GALA and snatching the cover of vogue magazine’s special MET GALA issue.

Wearing: DIOR || Photographer: Steven Klein


Rihanna-x-Dior-Secret-Garden-2015-ad-campaign-2-700x453 Rihanna-x-Dior-Secret-Garden-2015-ad-campaign-1 Rihanna-x-Dior-Secret-Garden-2015-ad-campaign-4-700x453