Where is humanity i asked myself..

Where is humanity I asked myself…

On 2nd of October I was on my way to Nairobi, via Arusha with a bus when i saw it happen, By the bus station at ubungo a boy was passing by with a tray of boiled eggs trying to sell them to anyone at the bus station he was ranging from the age of twelve to fourteen i am not sure since i am really not good at determining or guessing what age a kid is but he was younger than my young brother who is fifteen. So as i was saying the boy was passing by selling his boiled eggs with oh so much salt on top but i guess that is how people like their boiled eggs. Okay let’s go back five minutes before that, i arrived at the bus station with my mom who was driving and usually when you get there,dozen men would chase your car as soon as they see you enter the gate and until where you park your car and they would convince you to take their bus not even asking where you are going and some offering to carry your luggage to where the bus you will be boarding will be, despite the fact that you are less than five feet away from there so that day was no different but that morning there was a drunk man offering to clean the car , actually he was already doing it by wiping the dust at the back of the car with a piece of towel  mom told him to stop and he did.

We went to the bus i wanted to take and as i was paying for my bus ticket i saw the drunk man standing nearby us doing drank man things at 8AM , i mean it was a Friday morning standing there smelling of nothing but liquor and looking like he had not had a proper bath for a week or so , but i cannot judge him so i went on minding my business trying to find the window seat because i have a thing for window seats. Then that is when the incident happened the girl standing nearby the guy handing me my ticket sad in sorrow  ” jamani….”  while looking behind me so i turned around to see what made her say that that is when i saw the boy with his tray of eggs standing opposite the drunk man who was holding a half crashed egg with some pieces already on the ground between them , i took a look at the boy who was trying to rub off salt and egg shells from his forehead while his eyes were watery like he is about to cry, there were alot of people around some minding their business others looking at what just happened , i asked the lady what happened? then she told me that the young boy holding his tray was passing by and the drunk man took one of the boiled eggs from his tray and literally crashed it on the boy’s forehead , I felt a pain on my chest and something on my throat that i could not even talk and watched the boy who was now crying while still trying to rub off salt from his forehead , i could see from his eyes how hurt and humiliated he felt a man who was also watching the whole scene took both of them aside and was trying to tell the drunk man to pay the boy for the egg. i went to pick my luggage from the car with mom since my bus was leaving soon and my eyes were watery too mom asked me why i was crying and i brushed it off , on our way back to the bus i saw him seated somewhere with his tray of eggs beside him still crying.

I was still in pain as i was writing this story  on my notebook that day on the bus and telling myself i would share it with my readers when i got the chance to write a blog post . I wanted to go talk to him ask him what is he doing here at 8am on a school day, where are his parents? but i guess i already had the answers to my own questions , i kept wondering about the drunk man too, did he have a family? is this the way he also treated his wife and kids when he got home? maybe it was even worse. So many unanswered questions but i vowed to my mom that day that one day i will fight for the rights of street kids and children’s right in general. i have always wanted to open up an orphanage center , i also want to do a documentary on something related to issues facing people in general in Tanzania but i can’t document everything so inshallah when i have the right equipments like a camera and basic things to do a documentary i will do one on street kids and kids who are not getting their rights in Tanzania .

I wrote this with hopes of sharing with my readers what i thought was one of the most inhumane thing i have seen and  inshallah with time i will be able to help not one but dozen of kids who are facing issues like this and more, hoping that they will one day get the education they deserve and maybe be the ones that can change and make the world into a better place one kid at a time as they say.



Jumaa Kareem

Greetings my Muslim Friends ,

It’s been a really long time since I last did a Hijabi post , and since I want to post more this month and be consistent with the blog I have a Muslim friend who will be posting inspirational looks and anything related to fashion and Hijabi under the new category of “SPEAK UP” her name is Nadia of FIERCELY MODEST do hit up that category and I promise you , you won’t regret it , also check out her blog she’s amazing !!! 

A big shout out to my friend Hawa who lets me dress her up and make these Hijabi posts possible , I wouldn’t be able to do this without her! Her full look is thrifted ( shoes too ) and strangely enough I was with her while she bought everything you see there ! ( Stay with me long enough and you will be a thrift queen ) 

Have a lovely evening and may Allah bless you abundantly today and forever.





Thursday Blues

Happy New Month Lovers. Time keeps flying by so quickly it was just April and now it’s October , so much unfinished goals but two months left  so we are going to finish them inshallah. I’ve been feeling under the weather for some time now and cramps ain’t making the situation any better.I have been slacking the whole month of September but I’ll be back inshallah next week with new things for the blog.
Here’s an old look that I didn’t post because I looked like a potato and I just didn’t like how I looked but i am learning something on accepting all flaws and well what the hell the look is dope so lets just post it!

Location : Kitengela Glass House.

Top ( it was a shirt I cut into a crop top )

Skirt : Thrifted

Shoes : Thrifted


I love it when women love themselves. I love it when they don’t adhere to society’s expectation. I love it when women inspire to become something, because you are so much more than a “body” to look at. You don’t have to have perfect hair, be skinny or change anything to be beautiful. You don’t have to live by the rules patriarchal societies emplace on you.
I had so many people tell me that im not “feminine” enough. That I shouldn’t tell men to shut the fuck up because its not lady-like. That I shouldn’t be loud or act in a certain way, so that people wont think badly of me. That I should straighten my hair because my curly hair isn’t good enough. That my braids make me look too African. That I should lose weight so I can be pretty “like the other girls.” That im too confident for a “big girl.” That I should not wear heels because I am too tall. That I look bad without my make-up on. That my butt is too big. That my butt needs shaping. That I’ll be the prettiest woman if I just lost some weight.

And the list goes on. People always have something to say, but dont let it affect you. Surround yourself with positive people and positive vibes only.

Be you. Be loud. Be strong. Be joyful. And most importantly, love yourself.
Written by : Habiba Orsud

Instagram Account : Iamhabibadusro


                                                                                          Tag Line : ‘ Being Modest is Beautiful’

This Fashion Movement is one of my Many Projects under my #InspiretoEmpower101 cause. This #beingmodestisbeautiful movement is not only to create awareness about this type of trend, but to also wipe out the Misconception about Modest Fashion Style. One thing people should know is that the Modest Fashion isn’t limited to Only Hijabi/Muslim women, this trend is one that can be worn by anyone who prefers to reveal less. 

How it all Started:

Having lived in Malaysia for four and a half years has made me appreciate Fashion as a whole and has opened opportunities for me that were beyond my expectation. However, when it comes to Modest Fashion and being drawn into it started earlier this year in February 2015 when i got invited as an International Fashion Blogger and the Kenyan representative of Ala Hijab to attend the Biggest Fashion Movement ‘Indonesian Fashion Week 2015.’

The Four days that i was in Jakarta back and forth attending different fashion shows of well renown fashion designers opened up my mind to appreciating Modest Fashion and the possibilities that i had to grow this type of Fashion trend back in Kenya and Africa as a whole.

A few months before relocating back in Kenya i did my mini research to find out whether or not Modest Fashion Enthusiast existed in Kenya. To my surprise they were there, in fact there was a page which was dedicated to inspire women on modest mode of dressing. However, i found out that despite having such a page there was a misconception about Modest Fashion.


I saw a need of enlightening people in Kenya and Africa as a whole about the real definition of modest fashion  and wipe out the misconception. From that it came down to the Modest Fashion Movement that i started. However,before i brought it to life i consulted a young lady by the name of Misibtisam (Via Instagram) and told her about the idea. At the beginning i was bit skeptical to bring the Movement to life, as i didn’t know much people in my own home town * Embarrassing, i know* but then i decided to use Instagram to spread the word and awareness and get young ladies to participate.

Being based in Mombasa it was quiet hard for me to work with Nairobi peeps, however i brainstormed of ways to work it out to be able to get good input for the movement. Unfortunately even after sending emails through and reach out to them only one girl ‘Mariam’ got back to me with the input i asked for, the rest it was a no show.

In Mombasa i managed to arrange a photo and video recording session and it was a success. From there i did a write up about each of them with their outfits on my Blog and Edited the video which is on YOUTUBE ( Click here)

   My Plan: 

 From this  first step my plan is to get more people from different cultural and religious backgrounds to take part in the Modest Fashion Movement so that people can be inspired in different ways. 

I am a Fashion enthusiast both Mainstream and Modest Fashion, but at the same time i have the zeal to work with people who see beyond black and white. We live in a world where being normal is nothing but a mere form of laziness, therefore we have to go beyond our limits and encourage one another to be nothing close to normal.

                                                                                                                                                     Written by Nadia Ahmed

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