There are no rules in fashion and that’s the best thing about it. It’s basically you wearing what best describes you or what you feel like wearing hence your own style or sometimes going out of your comfort zone and trying out something new .I am still trying to find out what best describes my style but for now I’ll stick with it being versatile .

This skirt was a thrift steal and at first I wasn’t sure how or what to wear it with,it’s so beautiful and I love the design since it’s not just the usual full skirt it has an edge to it . I wish that top was off the shoulders though, one of my many current obsessions is an off the shoulder top and I can’t wait to go thrift shopping and get one , HOPEFULLY.

The gloves add  some class and elegance to the whole look . I have never worn any before and for just a pair of gloves they made me feel 100 shades of classy . Thanks to my friend Hawa for the gloves and yes I am wearing my belt backwards.. For no reason whatsoever.

        This look can be worn at a gala event or any black tie event for that matter orrr if you feel like overdressing … Pull out this look in church,I mean it’s decent right ?! AND it’s such a good look if you’re celebrating your birthday and doing a tea party ( yes black at a tea party ) or just a dinner . 

       I wish I remembered their names ( I am the worst when it comes to remembering names ). We were shooting this look near by where these guys were working  and JODIE and I thought it would be fun taking a picture with them . It really was and they loved doing it so it was a win for the both of us.



Shoes : ASOS 

Skirt,top,belt & gloves – THRIFTED 



With love,



Hijabi Fashion: LOOK #1


      Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening to all my readers … I get views from different places  around the world so I hope whatever time zone you are on,you’re having a great time.       


I have always loved how hijabi’s dress and when my friend Hawa wanted me to style her I was happy to do it and there’s nothing I love more than choosing the right fit for my clients . Oh yeah a little bit of self advertising before we go on , I am in Dar es salaam ( Tanzania )  at the moment if you need me to style you for an event , shoot or anything please do leave me a mail on {} tell a friend too ;).  Now back to my post , she is actually one of my favorite people to go shopping with whether we’re thrifting or just browsing on stores she is open to any new ideas hence it was easy styling her. Follow her on Ig @Hijabi.barbie_


I styled her with three different looks that you will get to see  later on the blog , this one is casual yet chic and since the nairobi weather is kind of cold right now due to the rainy weather the coat was necessary but you can also opt for a nice tailored blazer or cardigan for a not so hot weather and with sandals for a person who is not a fan of heels or when you just want to run errands and be comfortable you’ll still be decent and very fashionable . 

 What she is wearing :



Jeans : Zara

Top & scarf : THRIFTED 


what are your thoughts on this look? Would you wear ? Leave your thoughts below ❤️